New National Party

History of the NNP

In 1984, Grenada's current governing party, the New National Party (NNP) was established under the leadership of former Prime Minister Herbert Blaize. Unfortunately, in 1989, Herbert succumbed to death and departed our shores. May the Good Lord continue to allow him to rest in peace.

In 1995,the New National Party (NNP) was democratically elected to govern Grenada which ended in 2008. During our period of governance, our nation benefitted from an unprecedented slew of infrastructure, economic and social development initiatives. Extensive infrastructural work included the building of new roads to replace dirt tracks existed in every parish and villages. Existing roads especially the main roads were rebuilt and resurfaced with adequate drainage. Water supply throughout the island was greatly improved and consumer metering system was installed. Major sea and coastal defense works were bolstered to prevent erosion in specific areas.

On February 19, 2013, Grenadian voters once again handed trusteeship of the nation to the New National Party by electing our candidates in all fifteen (15) constituencies. As we assume this important responsibility, the New National Party (NNP) remains deeply committed in working with our communities and institutions to enhance production and entrepreneurial opportunities, agricultural revitalization, increased training and educational opportunities, tourism revival, youth initiatives, infrastructural development, research and development. These strategic components are the ingredients for economic vitality and the foundations of social harmony.

The history of our party attest clearly to our ability in acting creatively that generate viable national development initiatives through decisive and effective leadership. The nation must be bolstered by a strong economy and a commitment to equality, inclusion and opportunity for Grenadians irrespective of political affiliation. The future success of our government will ensure prudent financial planning, transparency, accountability and democratic practices as the governance process is managed. The NNP understands the necessity for our people to maintain our self-respect and a sustained effort to improve the quality of life.

Our historical experience in governing gives us the impetus to deliver and fulfill the expectations of voters. The NNP is fully committed to the governing process that requires effective leadership in a climate where each Grenadian has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the society.